With Christmas just around the corner (a mere 4 days away!), it has probably crossed your mind that wrapping presents is not the eco-friendliest practice. That’s why we’d like to share a couple of ways you can eco-ify your wrapping technique this holiday season. The first is presented by London-based design recruitment agency, Represent, who shares with us twenty different tape-free ways to wrap your gifts, through their project Future Present.

In their project, Future Present, Represent challenged the design community to develop innovative and eco-friendly solutions to the wasteful behavior that is often encouraged by wrapping a Christmas gift. Twenty of the most sustainable and totally tape-free ideas were selected and are currently appearing daily on the Represent website and in the studio’s ‘advent’ window throughout the month.

So now that you have bought all your eco chic gifts, what will you use to wrap them this year?

+ Future Present

+ Represent