Holidog is a new peer-to-peer network that uses the AirBnB model to help you find a petsitter for your four-legged friend while you’re away on holiday. The service provides an alternative to kennels, and it makes it easier to relax knowing your pet is in safe hands. Dog and cat owners can opt for someone to look after their animal in their own home, or entrust their furry friend to the sitter who will adopt them for as long as the holiday lasts.

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Holidog offers two types of services: Petsitting in your own home, and petsitting in the petsitter’s home. For pets that are sensitive and shy, the site recommends keeping your dog and cat at home; all you have to do is provide sleeping, eating, cleaning, and bathroom facilities for the petsitter, while food and transportation are their responsibility. Your pet can also stay with the sitter while you’re away – you just have to provide pet food and other specialized items.

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Registrations on the site are manually checked and approved by the Holidog team to ensure that none of the animals are mistreated. Petsitting expertise, love of animals, professional experience, and motivation all count towards a petsitter’s acceptance, and if there’s any doubt the team will follow up personally to check things over.

Negative feedback is taken seriously as well, and if a petsitter is found to be at fault, they will be removed from the network entirely. All in all, Holidog offers a much more humane way to look after your pets while you’re out of the house for prolonged periods of time. And if you’re interested in petsitting it could be a great way to look after other people’s animals, get a change of scenery, and meet new people in the local community.

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Images by 紫流, Kerri Lee Smith