Daniel Byström and Kristján Kristjánsson used discarded wood to develop a series of beautiful, hand-crafted light fixtures that raise awareness for serious issues plaguing forests. Their Hollow Lamp draws attention to problems ranging from beetle kill to aspen die-off and the effects of climate change. The designers are part of the international community of concerned creatives behind the Designers & Forests initiative.

Hollow Lamp, Daniel Byström, Kristján Kristjánsson, Designers & Forests, wood, lighting

The Designers & Forests team works through a process of immersion. The idea for the Hollow Lamp came after Byström and Kristjánsson explored the forests of Utah forest to experience firsthand the effects of climate change. “A changing climate may worsen many of the threats to forests, such as pest outbreaks, fires, human development, and drought,” states the Designers & Forest website. The shade is crafted from a hollowed out log that has been trimmed and sanded to create flat planes along the outside surface. The lampshades are being produced in Sweden, and the light fixture is made in Iceland

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