A famous Hollywood robot designer has been tapped to help clean up Fukushima. Vitaly Bulgarov and Korea Future Technology recently unveiled a 13-foot-tall, 1.5-ton robot controlled by a human pilot in a glassed-enclosed cockpit. The real-world mech suit, called Method-1, is no toy transformer. Instead, it was specifically designed to help with clean-up and restoration at the Fukushima disaster site.

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The mammoth robot’s arm movements are controlled by the pilot through a pair of arm controls and it can walk on flat surfaces in forward and reverse. Currently, however, its movements are limited because it’s connected to a power source through a cable. The mech suit is also tethered to a moving girder that prevents it from falling due to its weight.

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Bulgarov explains that the robot design will be improved both from a mechanical engineering and industrial design standpoint, but that it is currently capable of performing indoor applications where the tethers won’t be a hindrance. Future designs also call for its torso and arms to be mounted on a wheeled platform that will be the robot’s power source. This idea will be particularly helpful at the Fukushima site.

Method 1 may look familiar to those who have seen sci-fi movies such as Terminator, Robocop and Transformers movies, as well as Starcraft and World of Warcraft games. Bulgarov is a well-known and passionate robot designer that was asked by the Seoul-based robotics team Korea Future Technology to convert his Hollywood experience into real world uses such as disaster assistance.

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