The history of a building and a place matters. This property in Vietnam, home to the same family for three generations, powerfully reminds the world of that message.

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A wooden two-story home with a wooden door out front connected to a stone wall

The requirements for this project were steep: honor the rural natural scenery of the surrounding village, honor the atmosphere around the village itself and create a space for a 70-year-old couple who wants to host family gatherings. Nature, history and the needs of humans all needed to be met in one modern design.

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A glass window separating the outside and inside of the building

Designed by PAK architects, the Nôm Villa is full of wide-open spaces. The design promotes total interconnection with nature. Green growing things are everywhere and greet the eyes at every huge window. The surrounding Nôm has 300 years of history to its name. It’s full of antique homes, courtyards and charm. The design’s architecture needed to match its surroundings and the end result speaks for itself.

A garden pavilion area within a home

Furthermore, the home has two main zones. There is the public zone and sleeping area. The two areas are separated by a central garden and connected by a long hall. The central garden connects different spaces of the home and provides the scenery for the home. Various loggias add more outdoor areas to the design.

A kitchen area with a dining table in front of a sink

Additionally, the central garden also provides ventilation to enhance energy-saving for the property. Exposed concrete, wood, rock and stone were used to create this rustic, beautiful design. Meanwhile, glass everywhere provides views of the courtyard and the outside world, beautifully blending nature and human design together in a seamless, harmonious style. Beautiful wood elements fill the interior spaces. Sunlight also fills the interior spaces, though the ingenious design minimizes harsh western sunlight that would heat the interior too much.

An outdoor patio out in the open to a forested area

As a result, this is a gorgeous example of how history, nature and human needs can all be met in a beautiful, energy-efficient, standout design. It only took 300 years for this design to become a reality.

+ PAK Architects

Photography by Trieu Chien