We love the combination of furniture and foliage, especially when it cultivates an engagement between user and object. Our latest favorite is Sebastian Brajkovic’s HomeGrown Table, whose simple elegant form and recessed pots make it the perfect decorative and multi-functional surface. Designed during his enrollment at the prestigious Design Academy in Eindhoven, the prototype table serves as both dining surface and planter for “crops that you grown in the same place where the daily ritual of eating takes place.” The hanging light planters complete the design, providing an brilliant ensemble of beautiful objects and unique function.

Brajkovic describes the piece as a means to “appreciate the quality of life” by bringing both food production and consumption, literally, to the table. He emphasizes the idea of giving life, both through the plants grown and the food consumed at the table, and the importance of taking the time to appreciate lifecycles and inter-connectedness. In his own words, “by taking time grow your crop and eventually eat it, you experience the quality of life and have a nice dish.”