Star Wars fans of the world rejoice, because the dream of owning your own personal lightsaber just got one step closer to reality. This 300mW hand-held blue laser can burn through cardboard, wood or a ping-pong ball without flinching. And while the laser may lack that distinctive lightsaber hum, it certainly has that characteristic glow and enough power to ignite anything flammable placed in its path.

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The 450 nm laser is housed in a custom made handle and it runs on two lithium-ion batteries. The handheld blue laser is a fairly recent addition to the laser pointer family, having only been introduced about 8 years ago. The video creator Drake Anthony is known on YouTube as styropyro, and has been creating laser videos for over 5 years — pretty impressive, considering that he is only 17 years old.

According to Anthony, this is the most powerful handheld laser he has encountered and is the first one worthy of being called a lightsaber. It should also come with some serious warning labels, as Anthony notes that he wore goggles while testing the powerful laser. Check out the video below, here he tests the laser out on a variety of materials with stunning results.

via gizmodo