Honda and SolarCity has announced a new $65 million partnership to make solar power more affordable and available to Honda and Acura customers in the U.S. The partnership seeks to provide a cleaner source of electricity at a lower cost than utility-supplied power. Additionally, they hope to address global climate change by reducing CO2 emissions from home, business, and transportation energy use.

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The new partnership establishes an investment fund to finance $65 million in solar projects to assist Honda and Acura customers with the initial cost of solar power installation. Honda and Acura customers and hundreds of dealerships in SolarCity’s 14-state service area may be eligible for the special offer. Honda and Acura dealerships in SolarCity’s service territory may also be able to take advantage of the offer to install affordable solar power through the partnership.

Through the partnership Honda and Acura customers and dealerships will be able to install solar power with little or no upfront cost. Customers will be given a choice to pre-pay for their solar electricity or pay a monthly payment that will be lower than the cost of their current utility bill.

“At Honda, we are always looking at ways to improve the lives of our customers while reducing our environmental footprint,” said Steven Center, vice president of the Environmental Business Development Office of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “We believe Honda and Acura customers are going to be very interested in going solar once they find out that they can install solar at their home with little or no upfront cost, can lower their monthly utility bill, and can make a positive contribution to protecting the environment.”

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