It is not everyday that a well-known car manufacturer releases a concept vehicle that makes everyone’s head turn, but that’s exactly what Honda did last week at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The FC Sport is a hydrogen fuel cell three seater based on the same technology deployed in the FCX Clarity. Hardly your run-of-the mill hydrogen-powered vehicle, the FC Sport is a high-powered sports car designed to show that new greener technologies can compete against any fossil-fuel powered engine.

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The FC Sport makes significant improvements over the FCX Clarity’s weight and performance. To make these advances, Honda drew upon their expertise in developing sports racing cars. The ultimate goal was to develop a lightweight vehicle with a low center of gravity and a high performance electric powertrain. The key to this design concept was the modular distribution of the stack of fuel cells. This allowed them to properly balance the weight of the vehicle while creating a larger cabin space.

The FC Sport’s unique profile has also been finely tuned to increase its efficiency. The vehicle rides quite low to the ground, and the slim shape of its body improves its aerodynamic profile. The design team from the Advanced Design Studio of Honda America also visualized a variety of green construction techniques that would be incorporated into the vehicle’s design.

Although we may never see the FC Sport outside of motor shows, it clearly shows that car manufacturers are pushing forward in their quest to create innovative, greener vehicles.

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