We first featured the Honda FCX Clarity late last year, when Honda announced plans to bring the fuel cell vehicle into production this summer. Making good on their promise, Honda just announced that the hydrogen powered vehicle is rolling off the factory floor in limited numbers to a lucky few. Two hundred FCX Clarity are in production, and will be delivered to celebrity clients such as Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest as early as July. They will be leased for $600 a month, and naturally, to people who live near a hydrogen refueling station. The launch of the FCX Clarity marks a major milestone in retail initiatives for fuel cell vehicles and the first distribution of the Honda developed fuel cell platforms.

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The FCX Clarity, which can achieve about 68 miles per gallon, is part of Honda’s attempts to retake market and mind share from Toyota and regain their spot as the leader in environmentally friendly vehicles. Honda expects to mass produce the vehicle in about 10 years time, or sooner, if they can bring the costs for the vehicle down. For now, expect Honda to turn a number of their standard fleet into hybrids beginning next year.

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