One of Honda’s most popular vehicles is about to go all green! News has it that the Honda Motor Co. will be dropping production of its gasoline-powered Civics in favor of strictly hybrid versions of the vehicle. The new Civic model is expected to be unveiled in the fall of 2011, and this hybrid version will be the only Civic sold on the Japanese market. The decision to give their gas-guzzlers the axe is a daring move that reinforces Honda’s recent overhanging initiative to turn the company to more sustainable practices.

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Honda is also in the process of re-starting construction of a factory that broke ground two years ago. The new factory was to build clean-diesel and other types of small green cars, but the company has since shifted its focus solely to hybrid systems that will improve fuel economy in the company’s larger vehicles, like the Civic. This shift to hybrid technology suggests that Honda is looking to invest in initiatives that will bring them to a point where they can produce an effective vehicle at a price that can attract a significant number of buyers.

Passing on electric vehicles also provides insight into Honda’s thought process – currently all electric vehicles require costly battery packs that aren’t necessary for hybrids. Additionally, improving the fuel economy and CO2 emissions on hybrids generates a better return on investment, and forgoes the need for related, costly infrastructure such as re-charging stations as hybrids are able to capitalize on a regenerative breaking system.

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Via 24/7 WallSt