Honda recently revealed the vehicle that it hopes will be the ultimate Prius killer. Dubbed the Insight Concept, the vehicle is the latest in Honda’s lineup of next-generation energy efficient vehicles. At a proposed asking point of less than $18,000 the five passenger hatchback is being billed as the cheapest hybrid on the market!

The Insight Concept uses the company’s Integrated Motor Assist Hybrid Technology, which allows Honda to produce a vehicle that significantly less expensive than traditional hybrids. The Insight will be a five passenger hatchback, with a sleek shape that evokes the much larger FCX Clarity.

The Insight Concept will be officially unveiled during the Paris International Auto Show next month, and Honda has already announced that it intends to sell 200,000 units annually. The vehicle is currently being prepared for release in Japan in Europe next spring, with a US release to follow.

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Via Associated Press