The fuel cell vehicle segment has seen new life this year with the introduction of the Hyundai Tucson fuel cell vehicle and the launch of the Toyota Mirai. Now Honda is getting ready to enter the ring with its own hydrogen car – and it just unveiled the vehicle ahead of its official debut at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. The Honda FCV has room for five passengers and according to Honda’s estimates, the fuel cell vehicle will have a driving range around 435 miles. That’s much longer than the Mirai’s 312-mile range, and it will only take around three minutes to refuel the hydrogen tank.

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Honda’s new fuel cell vehicle was originally previewed late last year with the FCV concept. The newest version of the vehicle is still tentatively called the FCV, but a real name is going to be revealed closer to the model’s debut.

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Honda hasn’t released the full specs for the unnamed fuel cell vehicle, but the fuel cell stack will send the power to the ground via two electric motors. Compared to Honda’s last fuel cell vehicle, the FCX Clarity, the fuel cell stack is now much smaller such that Honda will be able to use it in several vehicles. By being able to use the technology in several vehicle types, Honda hopes the technology will become more popular than it has been in the past.

The Honda fuel cell vehicle will go on sale in Japan by the end of 2016, which will then be followed by the U.S. and Europe.

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