Honda’s new car has such clean emissions that the car company wants you to drink them. The Honda FCX Clarity is the world’s first mass-produced car to use compressed hydrogen instead of gas – and in order to promote the car, Honda is capturing the hydrogen fuel cell emissions into bottles of water that you can really drink. Obviously we would rather see the water distributed in a more earth-friendly manner, but it’s a stunning way for Honda to illustrate just how clean its new car is.

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Leo Burnett Melbourne and Honda came up with the concept for a water bottle made entirely out of car emissions rather than the expected spring water. They are calling the product H2O. “H2O is a simple but tactile demonstration of Honda’s clever thinking. The kind of thinking that continues to redefine the car category,” said Sarah McGregor, head of copy at Leo Burnett Melbourne.

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The unique water is only available in Australia where it was launched at Palace Cinemas. Theater goers arrived to a movie to find the water waiting in cup holders, and it could eventually be made available in Honda dealerships and service stations in Australia. We think it’s a fantastic way to show the difference between hydrogen fuel emissions and combustion emissions because, let’s face it, we aren’t drinking anything that comes out of a gas-fueled vehicle tailpipe.