Honda’s Micro Commuter is a compact, fuel-efficient vehicle with an innovative design that enables its body to be swapped out to suit different purposes. Close to being production-ready, the lightweight EV has a battery that is housed in the floor of the vehicle, allowing the 100-inch long body to be able to be exchanged for different models. At a weight of less than 400 kg, the motor produces 15kW and can reach a maximum speed of 80 mph.

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Developed under Europe’s L7 regulations and Japan’s guidelines for micro mobility, Honda’s Micro Commuter is the polar opposite of a gas-guzzling SUV. Meant for shorter distance driving, the car is able to seat two adults (or one adult and two children), and is only 100 inches long by 49 inches wide. By placing the battery, motor, and control unit under the floor, the shell of the car can be swapped through Honda’s Variable Design Platform. With a range of 60 miles, the lithium ion battery takes about three hours to fully charge, and can kick out speeds of up to 80mph and cruise at an average of 50mph.

Other cutting edge features include a dashboard which accommodates a tablet and smartphone compatible dock. This allows the user to choose their own display, navigation, and sound set-up instead of having to rely on the maker’s proprietary tablet technology which can become out of date faster than the car itself. The iOS, Android and Windows supported dash can also be charged through solar panels located on the roof of the commuter.

Honda will begin testing the Micro Commuter prototype in Japan throughout the upcoming year. They will be continuing to refine the EV, and hope to improve the on board solar cells to assist in driving, collaborate with the Honda Smart Home System (HSHS), and make efforts to help turn the Micro Commuter into a dual vehicle and home battery.

Via Gizmag