Honest Buildings has joined forces with the Seattle 2030 District to release comprehensive information for 32,000 of Seattle’s commercial and mixed-use buildings. The online company aims to provide valuable information on a range of buildings across the US — from square footage to building ownership and management and eco-renovations.

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The online real estate network was only launched three months ago, but already has detailed profiles for over 400,000 buildings across the country. Among the information that users can find out is environmental facts such as whether it is LEED Certified, rated by ENERGYSTAR, and much more.

The company was founded by Riggs Kubiak, former Global Head of Sustainability for Tishman Speyer, and has seen investment from all over the world—including support from Michael Adler, former CFO and Executive Vice President of Expedia, Inc. In a statement, Adler said: “What I find exciting about Honest Buildings and why I invested in the team is that they are bringing the same type of efficiencies to the Real Estate market that Expedia and Trip Advisor did to the Travel industry. Not only is this going to catalyze business for real estate companies big and small, but the transparency they are providing is also going to accelerate the adoption of more high performance, energy efficient buildings.”

By working together with the Seattle 2030 District, Honest Buildings hopes that it will be able to encourage a host of the city’s building industry leaders to follow the likes of Sellen Sustainability and join the platform. The Seattle 2030 District is a public/private partnership of more than 60 members, including Architecture 2030, 24 property owners and managers and numerous professional and community stakeholders that aims to enroll over 90 million square feet of buildings in Downtown Seattle and leverage a variety of resources to meet the energy, water and CO2 reduction targets called for by Architecture 2030 in the 2030 Challenge for Planning.

“Our goal is a 50% reduction in the amount of energy use, water consumption and CO2 emissions for over 90 million square feet of downtown Seattle real estate – all by 2030,” said Brian Geller, Executive Director of Seattle 2030 District. “Honest Buildings is a catalyst to make that happen. It’s the ideal platform for our professional stakeholders to showcase their work and illustrate how they have already helped buildings in the District meet our ambitious goals. This new level of information and transparency will drive demand for their business in Seattle.”

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