The Honeywell wind turbine, a small lightweight gearless system built perfect for homes and small businesses, goes on sale today around the world! The Honeywell, which was designed by WindTronics, measures six feet in diameter and is less than 185 pounds, and depending on where it is mounted, it can generate 1500kWh annually. But most impressively, the turbine is able to generate power for your home in wind as light as 2 miles per hour!

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The Honeywell goes on sale through authorized distributers around the world today — stores like Ace Hardware and True Value will be selling it — and it retails for $5,795 plus installation. “The design of the Honeywell Wind Turbine is unlike anything I have seen before,” said Kyle Biedermann, CEO of WindBucks Energy, a distributor of Honeywell Wind Turbine in Texas. “This product, which lives harmoniously in almost any setting, is beneficial anywhere there is wind and is a viable option for sustainable energy.”

Honeywell’s design resolves many people’s fears that the blades of a residential wind turbine might cut loose and fly off into the neighborhood. The design is compact — and although we wouldn’t call it artful — it is definitely not imposing. The price might make put gadget out of reach for a lot of homeowners, but given that the average home in the United States has an bill of $1,250 a year with an average usage of 900kWh (well below the Honeywell’s projected wind production level) if you can front the $6,000 for the device and installation, this device could start saving you $1,200 a year just four and a half years after installation.

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