It’s June in Tamar Park, Hong Kong. As one of the most densely populated cities on the planet, greenery and other elements of nature might not come to mind. However, an art installment sits at the center of the public space and is alive with color and natural elements without actually being alive at all.

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Hong Kong in the background of the art display

Scenic Rockery is a marriage between art and science, inspired by the mountain ranges and other landscapes in Hong Kong. Reflecting the plants found in the wild, the exhibition is composed of flowers. Further, these artificial flowers are made of metal, a result of science identifying the proper temperatures required to turn the metal different colors.

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Close up of the metal flowers reflecting light

The end result is a spectacle of colors glistening in the sunlight during the day where the flowers change as visitors move around the display.

The art display at night in Hong Kong

Meanwhile, oxidation created by heat provides a range of shades. The blooms even expand to represent the natural circle of life in nature, too. At night, the display is in fact illuminated by glowing pebbles and is meant to represent the livelihood of nature even after the sun fades on the horizon. In addition, the artificial flowers wither into a rusted tone by autumn, which is a result of exposure to air and water. The change characterizes the passing of time and the cycles of nature, as well as the impact of the natural environment. 

Two photos of the display with varying angles of the metal flowers

Moreover, Napp Studio & Architects developed the project. Founded in 2016, partners Aron Tsang and Wesley Ho explore design as a means of communication. “Through filtering and accentuating the essential in design, they find beauty in simple and clear intentions. Napp Studio & Architects is a design office that works across scales and disciplines between space and object – from architecture, interior, exhibition to furniture and product,” Napp Studio & Architects says.

Overall, the team has been awarded several honors, including the Gold Award in Taipei International Design Award, the Golden Pin Award, Perspective’s 40 under 40, and the Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award.

+ Napp Studio & Architects

Images via Jimmy Ho