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The idea for “Facebook” — the art piece, not the social network — came about when the China-based artist was invited to the US to speak about her art at California’s EG Conference. She had some spare time and thought on asking fans through her Facebook page which American personality she should portray in her next piece. However, the answer was already in front of her eyes — Mark Zuckerberg would be the subject of her new creation.

Hong Yi uses locally sourced materials for her art, and for her latest piece she collected 36 books of Game of Thrones — the thickest book she could find. She then stacked up the books in two piles and sliced off the edges so that the pages would cast shadows resembling Zuckerberg’s face. Amazingly, the books’ text is completely legible. It took Yi seven days to complete the piece.

+ Hong Yi

Photo © Hong Yi