One of the biggest names in fashion, Adidas, has committed to ending plastic waste. As such, the company has released a series of products that strive toward this goal. The newest collection from Adidas Originals is a reboot of a classic silhouette that’s all decked out for the modern era while also tapping into a little nostalgia.

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shoes with cartoon characters on them arranged in a circle

This newest line of footwear pays tribute to a variety of iconic characters from the Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel and Disney realms. The lineup includes the Hulk, Tinker Bell, Yoda, WALL-E and Kermit the Frog, just to name a few. These characters are instantly recognizable and extremely well-loved. Who wouldn’t want to showcase their favorite characters on their feet?

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person wearing white and green adidas
adidas with Kermit the frog design

Each pair of shoes is designed with little details that represent these characters, including touches like graphic soles, embossed elements and customized laces. There are a lot of bright colors — particularly green — that will play nicely with bold or neutral outfits.

Adidas sneakers with Groot design
pile of shredded plastic next to adidas sneakers

The Stan Smith, Forever sneaker line is made responsibly, too. The soles are made with recycled rubber, and the uppers are made with Primegreen technology, which uses recycled materials. Primegreen completely nixes virgin plastic, so it doesn’t add to the mounting plastic crisis.

adidas sneakers with WALL-E design
adidas sneakers with Mike Wazowski cartoon character print

“adidas Originals also offers up a more sustainable Stan Smith sneaker made-up in the silhouette’s classic look,” according to a company press release. “Featuring a white recycled PRIMEGREEN upper and a white recycled rubber outsole, the sneaker is complemented by the Stan Smith’s archetypal green heel tab.”

close-up of green sneaker with dinosaur on tongue of shoe
pile of shredded plastic around adidas sneakers with Tinkerbell design

Adidas is hoping to become carbon-neutral by 2050. Materials like Primegreen could help the company get there and could influence more people to stop buying items that contain plastic. In fact, Adidas is planning to phase out the use of virgin polyester companywide by 2024.

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