Frank Halmans, hoover buildings, vacuum buildings, doll houses, art, design, sustainable design, green design, Netherlands, buildings shaped like hoovers, buildings that suck up dirt and debris,

The Hoover Buildings by Frank Halmans come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but what they have in common is their actual connection to a vacuum cleaning mechanism. There are small handheld buildings wrapped around a mini vacuum and even a tall building that resembles an apartment complex with a hose protruding from one end of it.

Once attached to the cleaning pipe, the hoover buildings suck up dirt and debris, which lies amid the miniature doll house furnishings like clutter in a crowded home. There are desks and drawers lying open, all of which establish an oblique perspective of our own homes in miniature.

+ Frank Halmans

All images © Frank Halmans

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