The Horizon System is an entirely electric system of transportation conceived as a hybrid between a plane and a train. Thanks to a maglev-style mechanism, the large aircraft is able to pick up passengers inside the small SkyLink trains while both the plane and trains are in motion, eliminating the possibility of congestion at large airports and on highways. Unlike the Clip-Air—which is also a modular plane system—the Horizon System has no pilot, which means it could be the largest drone ever conceived.

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Passengers would enter the Horizon System through their local SkyStation. After getting on board a SkyLink pod and reaching the Airstrip, passengers are picked up by the SkyShip. As the train gently accelerates to match the speed of the approaching aircraft, it is carefully plucked from the track and lifted up, only to be soon dropped off at another location.

The aircraft never touches the ground-its wings sail along the maglev rails as outgoing cars are released and the new ones are picked up. Battery packs on board the train cars (or pods) are charged as it travels along the rails—these battery packs that power the aircraft in flight. The released cars start recharging as soon as they reach the transit rails.

The aircraft is operated remotely, which means it could be the largest drone ever to be conceived. Instead of a cockpit, the aircraft has a central common space similar to a hotel lounge. Enveloped with a large glass window, the space offers stunning views.

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