Ever dream of owning a palm-sized fuel cell to juice up your electronic devices on the go? Here’s your chance — Horizon just announced that it has started shipping a “disruptive pocket-size fuel cell power plant” — and it only costs $100 for a unit with two refillable fuel cartridges, each containing the same amount of energy as 1,000 disposable AA batteries.

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A single cartridge placed in Horizon’s MiniPAK works on any electronic device that needs up to 3W of power — that includes cell phones, MP3 players, and GPS devices. Some more technical details: the MiniPAK offers both an air-breathing fuel cell and a “solid-state” hydrogen storage unit, and the device’s DC power output is 2.5W (5V, 400mA).

We’re hard-pressed to see any downsides to the MiniPAK compared to traditional AA batteries. What do you think — would you splurge for one of these?

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