The use of wind poweris increasing worldwide. Despite their incredible production of renewable energy, windmills have often been viewed as a bit of an eyesore along an otherwise untouched landscape. With his latest project,Aero Art, German artist Horst Glasker had decided to not just acknowledge the windmill’s environmental contribution but celebrate it by painting the ho-hum white turbines fantastical colors and patterns that are impossible to ignore.

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Most wind turbinesare traditionally painted white, light blue, or green to fade into the surrounding landscape and sky. Glasker took issue with the overlooking of such a powerful source of energy and began painting them brilliant day-glo colors. This superficial makeover is aimed to encourage people to not only take a second look and enjoy their local wind turbines but also begin to appreciate what they do for the environment.

Famous for his prolific output of dynamic and colorful wallpaper and and carpeting pieces, Glasker is considered the founder of the Pattern Art movement. His ornamentations can be seen all over Germany in small, large, and now green scale!

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