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The town of Sand, on the west coast of Norway, is bordered by a small, rushing river to the south. On the opposite side is a large wooded area, which is used for running and recreation. Before the bridge it was difficult to access right from town. Residents worked with the city and Rintala Eggertsson Architects to come up with a concept that would work well for the town.

The bridge crosses the river at a steep point that is bordered by large boulders and would otherwise not be safe for crossing. Both the architects and residents wanted to retain a natural feel and to emphasize nature through the man-made form. The bridge was built with two corten steel lattice beams on each side of the walkway, with a system of vertical and diagonal members. Walls are clad in stainless steel stretch-metal and corten steel and a portion of the walkway is made with mesh to allow a view of the river below. At the opposite side, a small concrete pavilion accommodates picnics and pitstops for those who cross the river.

Industrial in form, the bridge and its materials will weather over time to blend in more with the landscape. Improved access from town to nature, hiking trails and a recreation area encourages people to be outside and get more exercise.

Images © Dag Jenssen/Rintala Eggertsson Architects