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The foldable hotel room concept was meant to be constructed anywhere, with flexibility of use from a private place to sleep, to a pop up work space or meeting room. The light metal frame extends to give the users privacy, and is lined with two curtains- one is translucent to let light in, and the other is sound-absorbing, helping to close the room off to the world outside. The trunk also contains a desk, lamp, stool, shelf and locker. Users can add a foldable shelf bed, or even add a full sized mattress bed.

Scarponi and de Luca imagined Hotello as a sound-proof solution for flexible work environments, but the concept has endless possibilities. Hotello could be used on a day to day basis as an inexpensive way to construct a private bedroom in a raw loft space in urban settings- without hiring a construction company to install permanent walls. Hotello could also play a role in disaster relief. The easily transportable trunks could be wheeled to disaster sites, and provide victims with private accommodations just about anywhere.

Hotello will make its debut at Salone del Mobile at Giulio Procaccini 4 at Milan Design Week.

+ Das Konzept

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