House D, Hohensinn Architektur, Neuhofen, Austria, single family home, farmhouse aesthetic, untreated fir, natural light, sunken house, minimalist house, open plan kitchen

Inspired by the traditional and austere Austrian farmhouse, House D boasts a compact and minimalist design. Wood features prominently throughout the structure, from the laminated timber flooring to the various home furnishings made of solid oak. Untreated fir wood, a material used in traditional agricultural buildings, is used for the outer facades. Dark gray and white accents are the only other colors used to liven up the minimalist exterior.

The entrance to the home is located on the semi-buried ground floor, which consists of the garage, storage rooms, cloakroom, and guest room. From the lower level, a wooden flight of stairs ascends to a south-facing open-plan kitchen, living space, and a wooden terrace built on the opposite side of the full-height glass windows. The terrace is designed to look like a natural extension of the house and includes a small garden. The private living quarters are contained in an L-shaped wing that extends from the main living space.

+ Hohensinn Architektur

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