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Hunter wanted an eclectic space to display and organize his eclectic collection, which includes paintings, sculpture, charts,  furniture, books and other goodies that reflect his eye for design and art. Hunter also wanted his collection to be accessible, while also remaining organized with each object’s name and origin.

Lejarraga and Martinez came up with the innovative solution of putting Hunter’s collection on wheels — making it accessible to anywhere that Hunter may travel, while also keeping everything nicely organized and displayed. Being mobile, Hunter can also add to the collection while on the go, by pulling the camper-turned-gallery behind his car.

The designers kept the camper’s original booth seating, reupholstering it with a graphic print that serves well with the collection. The bench table was replaced with a contrasting graphic-stopped table that evokes a 1950s bachelor pad. Hunter’s collection was then hung around the built-in furniture, with curiosities to discover from ceiling to floor.

The 75-square-foot camper is small enough to be toted anywhere, from parking lots to even inside the Arco Art Fair.  Aside from pop-up gallery, the House for a Nomad Collector creates an instant meeting space, for friends to gather and marvel at Hunter’s epic collection.

+ Martin Lejarraga

Via FrameMag