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In order to create a playful sense of expansiveness on the inside of the Matsudo City home, Shinozaki decided to give it a large roof and fill the space in-between with eight Y-shaped wooden frames. From these beams he hung six floating floorboards that create a haphazard series of mezzanines and loft floors that can be reached by ladder or else wise. In so doing, he established spatial variety without cluttering the limited space.

Constructed with a light timber, the home is also a model of illuminating city homes without undue mechanical assistance. Irregular cutouts in the facade not only give the home an intriguing and modern aesthetic but also allow daylight to penetrate the interior without compromising the family’s privacy. It’s a beautiful home to be sure that boasts an elegant Japanese minimalism, though we must mention how Fumihiko Ikemoto’s breathtaking photography expertly illustrates the home’s finest qualities.

+ Hiroyuki Shinozaki

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