Located in the small town of Mellau in Austria, House Haller was originally built as a structure intended to incorporate and harmonize with the panoramic beauty of the surrounding Alps. The modern home was designed by architects Jürgen Haller and Peter Plattner at the foot of one of Europe’s most famous mountain ranges, and unveils a simple living program with comfortable home and office sensibilities in mind.

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The building is built on a slope and features a fortress-like aesthetic, but the lifted design manages to keep the structure from becoming an overbearing mass on the land. Despite its modern look, the house reflects the architectural elements characteristic of the nearby 150-year old farmhouses surrounding the site. Moreover, to better harmonize with the surroundings, inspiration was taken from local tradition, the peaceful village setting and the natural environment.

The home maintains several entrances areas found throughout the plan — such as through the double garage doors — but the main entrance is distinct and expansive. A central staircase divides the ground-floor into a living area and a kitchen/dining room. The first floor is made up of bedrooms and an extra bathroom, and the main bathroom keeps a separate terrace with views of the mountain surroundings. The interior walls, ceilings, roof and facades have been constructed with silver fir wood.

+Jurgen Haller

+Peter Plattner

Via: Arch Daily