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The main façade of the house is based on warehouse architecture (called Kura in Japanese) – a familiar sight in the Japanese town where House M is built. The dark blue siding envelops the back and roof of the home – it’s only broken by geometric cutouts for a window, one skylight and a doorway. The roof was constructed to shed rain and snow to, and the shape of the home (like all Kura) is based on the simple geometry of two squares and two isosceles triangles.

Since the blue siding features only one window to ensure privacy, AE5 counterbalanced the opacity of that façade with thelouver façade. Facing an old persimmon tree, the louvers are arranged at alternating angles. They allow sunlight to filter into the 2 stories while keeping the inhabitants’ privacy inside. The louvers also cast decorative patterns in the home, which change with the season and time of day. Inside, the louver pattern is repeated on a guard rail on the second floor mezzanine which overlooks the first floor dining area.

The bent shape of the home creates a natural courtyard that is kept private – the sides of the home serve as barriers. One side of the home features open-plan living areas, while the other side contains the bedrooms. House M’s mathematical design successfully harmonizes the project’s contrasting facades.

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