Built into the side of a hill, the House Ocho in Carmel, California is a sustainable house offering breathtaking views. Designed by Feldman Architecture, a lush green roof was built on the top with the assistance of Paul Kephart, who was the mastermind behind the green roofs of the California Academy of Sciences and the Vancouver Convention Center. Built within an area prone to seismic activity, thegreen roofalso supports and protects the house.

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The House Ocho comes alive with beautiful flowers, such as poppies and goldfields, as well as strawberries, Sand Sedge and yarrow, further blending the home in with the foliage and vegetation of the hill. The roof is not just beautiful, but also functional, reducing solar heating, and keeping the interior cool. The roof holds six inches of soil over a layer of cups that retain water and keep the soil moist and fresh.

The 2,900 sf  building itself is set into the ground, which minimizes site lines against the surrounding nature reserve,  while protecting the integrity of the structure should an earthquake occur. A small guest cottage is also on the property, located next to the house.

Aside from the green roof, House Ocho has many green features such as integrated photovoltaic skylights for maximizing day light, as well as solar power. Furthermore, the house is insulated by recycled denim, the wood floors are sustainably harvested, the windows optimize passive solar heating and the floors maintain radiant heat.

House Ocho is a serene escape in the oak forests of the Santa Lucia Mountains, with green features opening onto lush green vistas, with a minimal carbon footprint and low mass.

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