Even if e-mail and the iPhone are taking over the world, Post-it notes are still an indispensable form of communication. Whether used to leave a cute note for your loved one, a written lashing for the roommate who ate your last banana, or to tag a page in your favorite book – here’s a new and eco-friendly take on this age-old favorite. Designed by Naruse-Inokama Architects, these adorable house-shaped sticky notes dubbed IE-TAGs (“ie” means “house” in Japanese) have been made from the waste wood collected at the construction sites the firm has worked on. But beyond being green, as Core77 points out, the new design corrects the flaws of earlier generations of the same product – rounded corners mean you don’t have to worry about messily dog-earing your Post-its any longer.

+ Naruse-Inokama Architects

Via Core77