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The Housetrike is essentially a bike equipped with a small front-loaded camper that slides open and serves as a warm and comfortable bed for one person. The camper is a sliding box that opens to almost double the width to give a person more room to sleep but slides into a compact box when being moved on the bike. The extension is supported by two legs, so the sleeper can safely hop in, close the hinged box top, slide the roof extension shut and lock up from the inside for security. It may feel a bit like sleeping in a coffin, but it beats sleeping outdoors in inclement weather. The box includes two portholes for looking out.

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When not being used as a bed, you can use it like a cargo bike and carry all your stuff – up to 18 cubic feet of it. And it’s lockable, so you don’t have to worry about security out on the open road. The box can also be used for deliveries, enabling the homeless or people on a long trip to earn money to support themselves. The top of the box acts as counter space for people camping out that need work space. And since the bike camper is so easy to use and repair, there’s no need to worry about breaking down in the middle of nowhere. Would you get one of these, if you needed to?

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Via Gizmag