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housing for musicians, music rooms, parasite, light pyramid, skylight, green building, eco architecture, green architecture, green design, sustainable design, low energy, music house, International Building Exhibition Hoogvliet, rotterdam, Called simply “Housing for Musicians,” the project features modern dwellings which are arranged in various ‘stamps’ or patterns, which are repeated throughout the complex. Since the intended inhabitants are musicians, each home has its very own music room, each of which is arranged in a collective “mountain” between the houses. Every individual music rooms has its own “light pyramid” that protrudes through the grass. On the edge of each ‘stamp’ of homes, individual zinc-covered music rooms are added like parasites to a tree. The unlikely additions accentuate the main routes through the site.

The project was built to have an extreme low energy consumption avarage (EPC 0,46) due to its heating system that recycles energy from the neighboring Rotterdam harbour. In addition to its minimal energy profile, the wood facades that clad the homes’ exteriors are made of hydro thermal treated wood from local European forests.

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