Whether you have a certified green thumb or simply good, green intentions, Hova Design has created an innovative way for you to grow-your-own container plants with horticultural savviness and eco-ease. The FabricPot™ collection consists of collapsible, shipping-friendly containers made from waterproof, breathable fabric (much like that used in high-tech performance clothing). FabricPot’s expandable ‘sleeves’ rely on the volume of soil for stability, while also allowing air and water vapor to pass through the container walls, maximizing the health and gradual expansion of the plant’s root systems.

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Traditional clay and plastic pots can be heavy, brittle, and space-consuming, not to mention damaging to roots due to the unwanted absorption of soluble salts. One can easily prevent having ‘pot bound’ or compact ‘root balls’ with the FabricPot’s ability to take shape in response to the plant’s growth and the proportional soil volume at the pot’s bottom. In the event that repotting is necessary, an expansion zipper in the side of the pot allows the root ball to be easily removed. To prevent drainage water from being re-absorbed, the elevated base keeps the soil above the high-water line of the drain pan. Elastic loops holding the sleeve to the base make it easy to separate the parts for cleaning.

Practicality issues aside, Hova Design‘s fabrics sport dynamic patterns thanks to their collaboration with designer Angela Adams and her sustainable fabric line, created in conjunction with Architex International.

100% post-industrial recycled polyester FabricPots are available in two décor-friendly styles, Frusto (conical-shaped) and Silo (cylindrical-shaped). The FabricPot™ measures about 8.5 inches in diameter at the base (not including the drain pan) and is 8 inches tall.

+ FabricPots™ retail at $30 and $40

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