Regular Inhabitat readers will know and love Inhabitat’s Dr. Tamsin Woolley-Barker, who writes the incredible Biomimicry Manual series. Dr. Woolley-Barker has been writing a bio-inspired book all about how nature would run a company, called Super Organizations: Nature’s Game-Changing Guide To Faster, Smarter, More Valuable Companies. The book talks about how nature’s collaborators like ant colonies and bee hives work together to create organizations – and it shows how we can learn from them to better our own. But in order to get the book off the ground, Dr. Woolley-Barker is looking for a little help. Her Kickstarter campaign ends in just four days and is just a few hundred dollars short of its final goal. Help make this brilliant book a reality – and maybe even change the way we think about running our companies – by making a donation at Kickstarter.