Installing green lighting may seem like a small and simple change, but it’s surprising how hefty the bottom line savings can be. Many companies across the globe have been switching to LEDs quietly and saving money, especially now that they offer such pleasing color options that really rival the look of incandescents. This international “switch out” has created green jobs and also helps companies revamp their stores and hire more workers with the cash they save – all great things for the economy. Read on for two success stories featuring companies that have swapped out their bulbs with the help of MSi lighting to achieve significant money and energy savings.

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Carnival Cruise Ships

Carnival Cruises

Carnival Cruises is a great example of a company that is going green by swapping out their incandescent lights with LED bulbs. John Burke (Marketing Director from MSi Lighting) and I calculated that if Carnival Cruises switched out their lighting to LEDs across every ship, they would see energy and maintenance savings for ten years. We also calculated that in 2011 alone they would have saved $700 million. Considering that Carnival Cruises made about $2.1 billion in net profits in 2011, that would mean that their energy savings is equal to about one third of their annualized corporate profits. According to my calculations, that also means they would have made closer to $3 billion in profits that could have been used to make their ships more efficient and possibly even create more jobs.

The 4.5 watt MSi iGU10 that Carnival Cruises used to swap out their old bulbs results in 90% less consumption in wattage per light bulb reducing their lighting costs by 80% and their fuel costs to power those lights while going across the seven seas.

RC Willey Furniture Stores

Another great example of a business that is benefiting from a green lighting makeover is RC Willey Furniture Stores. They were using old 75 watt halogen spots, which were on for about 12 hours a day/362 days a year. After switching to LEDs, RC Willey made their money back though energy savings in seven months. The rest of the monies they saved for the next 9 and a half plus years was all theirs for the taking.

In both examples, the light from the new LEDs is also whiter, crisper and more aesthetically pleasing.

If you’re a business owner interested in putting more cash back in your pocket without too much of an initial investment, it is more than worthwhile to consider switching to LED lighting. Every time I look at a yellowish looking lamp I just realize the inefficiency of that light and the money being spent by that store or government entity. The facts are simple – we are spending too much on lighting when we don’t have to. Let’s do ourselves a favor and switch – we can all screw in a new LED light bulb, right?

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