I know, I know, you’ve heard it all before, but the latest data shows this year is on its way to being the hottest year on record, and we are only halfway through 2015. So far, June was the hottest June in all the 136 years that we have been keeping track, and the rest of the year is likely to follow suit.

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The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) recently released its data from the first half of the year, and chances are good that there will be a new record set for 2015. Already, four months have broken records with their temperatures, according to the NOAA. We have seen the devastating effects of these heat waves in India, where over 2,000 people perished in May, and in Pakistan, where 1,200 citizens succumbed to the heat.

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Why is 2015 shaping up to be such a deadly hot year? Researchers believe the effects of climate change and El Niño are creating a vicious pattern. El Niño is a natural phenomenon, in which the Pacific ocean has intervals of warmer seasons, making fishing during certain times of the year less prosperous. More intense El Niños have been found to have a significant impact on global climate. This, compounded with manmade global warming effects, is having a disastrous impact on many regions of the world. This particular El Niño does not appear to be going anywhere soon, as records are indicating it may last into Spring of 2016. In other words, we have not heard the last of 2015’s destructive heat.

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