Monsanto is conquering one of the world’s most stunning utopias – and it’s happening right under our noses. The company is turning the picturesque island of Molokai into a GMO laboratory, and it’s treating the island’s inhabitants as lab rats. The biotech behemoth arrived on Molokai with big promises of delivering jobs, however local islanders have been exposed to a constant dosing of harmful toxins in the air and groundwater, with no end in sight.

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Monsanto has taken over nearly 2,000 acres of the Hawaiian island to test monster corn crops engineered with the Bt toxin, a patented gene created to withstand unbelievably harsh amounts of pesticides. As a result, the island’s inhabitants have been subjected to blatant and systematic poisoning from the toxic dust of severe pesticides.

As Monsanto forges on, the people of Molokai are growing sicker. Widespread reports of disease have swept through the area, including higher instances of asthma, diabetes and cancer. While Monsanto employees work the fields with protective respirators, nearby inhabitants have no choice but to breathe in toxic dust.

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The toxicity of the pesticides results from the presence of glyphosate, which is worsened by added chemicals known as adjuvants, such as POEA. POEA is commonly found in Roundup and contains dioxin, which is proven to cause innumerable diseases including cancer and damage to the liver and kidneys.

As the small population of 7,500 islanders continues to protest Monsanto’s activities, their cries have fallen on deaf ears. The State Health Department refuses to admit that Monsanto poses a danger to the Hawaiian people, even with blatant evidence that disease has been on the upswing ever since the arrival of Monsanto, who coincidentally has written its own laws, as proven by the Monsanto Protection Act.

To show support for the people of Molokai, visit, a website dedicated to the relief of Monsanto victims around the world.

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