Some of the best moments are spent spoiling your dog during playtime – and from doggie clothing to chew toys to treats, there are tons of great green products for you to do it with! So whether you are looking for tasty organic nibbles or easy ways to make your own playthings for your pooch, here is a list of our favorite products and tips for showing your dog an eco good time!

Dog Treats

We give our dogs treats for lots of different occasions, from rewarding good behavior to teaching them new tricks, and sometimes just because! Whatever the reason, it’s important to feed your dog healthy, natural snacks. So next time you’re shopping around for something special to give your pooch, check out the following organic choices:

Barkwheats have gone the whole nine yards greening their treats. All of their products are made from organic, locally produced, grain and gluten-free ingredients. These treats come in a 100% recycled box and a biodegradable bag made from wood pulp – both of which can be thrown in your home compost or woodstove when finished.

Also try Wagatha’s Organic Dog Treats – they’re totally organic and have tons of fun flavors to choose from.

And if your dog has a sensitivity to grains, try Sojos Grain-Free Dog Treats which will be extra gentle on his tummy.

Toys, Bones and Chewthings

Here Fido….. CATCH! From toys to bones, it’s always a good idea to give your dog something to play with. Here are some picks for playthings that are sure to please both pup and mother nature.

Dogs who love to chew will have a grand ol’ time when given the RecycleBone. It is made from rubbery scraps left over from the manufacture of other chew toys, and your dog will will love that it’s super-strong and fun to gnaw.

If you are a born do-it-yourselfer, then try out this recipe for homemade sweet potato chews that we are certain your furry friends will love to devour.

And you can even make your own toy from old dish towels – the possibilities are endless.

Time to Play Dress (P)UP!

Sure, dogs have fur to keep them warm and safe, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to always look their best. OK, maybe they don’t really care one way or another, but it sure is fun finding just the right outfit to let your pooch strut their stuff. Check out these eco-friendly frocks for dogs big and small.

Thayer and Ridge’s super-cute and eco-friendly coats, collars and leashes are made from material that contains no toxic chemicals, heavy metals or carcinogens and are produced using recycled energy!

And don’t forget that no doggie wardrobe is complete without a pup-sized sweater so check out these green-threads from West Paw Design. These simple, stylish dog sweaters are made in the USA from reclaimed cotton fibers. Each sweater saves water and does not require fertilizers, insecticides, dyes or even farmland!

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