Plastic bags have been banned in California and they’ve been rightly blamed for contributing to a huge environmental crisis. Reusable, washable tote bags are surely the answer…but you want to look stylish, too. Junes tote bags are fashionable, sustainable and they’re going to help you save the world.

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Plastic bags seem like they’ve been around forever. But in actuality, plastic bags have done all their damage starting in 1960. That’s when Swedish company Cellplast patented their brand of plastic bags called “T-shirt plastic bags.”

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Today, more than 730,000 tons of plastic bags, sacks and wraps are used each year. More than 87% of this ends up in landfills and in the oceans. Carrying a tote bag can make a huge difference. Even if you use just one less plastic bag a year, you can make a big impact. If every American used one less plastic bag a year, more than 200,000,000 plastic bags would stay out of landfills and oceans. That’s a big difference for a tote bag to make.

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The fashion industry is a huge polluter. Plastic wraps, bags and packaging are used in excessive amounts. Junes Founder Janean Mann decided to find a way to change the fashion industry with her company by responsibly sourcing materials and checking every step of the supply chain to minimize plastic waste and carbon footprint. The company created an internal recycling program to keep plastic bags from ending up in landfills.

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But it wasn’t enough. That’s why Junes tote bags are made with Bio-Knit, a signature fabric. The mesh fabric is infused with a special additive that allows natural microbes to consume the fibers, the same way they consume natural cotton fibers. Bio-Knit softens over time as it is washed, which you can do in the machine on the gentle cycle. Additionally, it is made with recycled plastic bottles, as part of Junes’ commitment to creating no new plastic.

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Furthermore, Mann wanted to help not just the plastic pollution problem but the many issues women face. While looking for materials for her totes in 2014, she noticed rows and rows of fliers desperately seeking missing women.

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As a result, Mann decided to employ the women of Juarez, forging an all-female sewing co-op. This helps them provide for themselves and their families. Additionally, a portion of all tote bag sales goes to the Global Fund for Women, an organization that empowers and protects women from gender-based violence.

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