We don’t often think about how much space and energy giant online companies take up in the real world. From Apple’s new massive headquarters in Cupertino to Facebook’s giant server farm located off the grid in the arctic, internet big wigs need a lot of space and energy to run each day. That is exactly why Hewlett Packard Company has announced a partnership with microchip developers ARM Holdings Plc and Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. to produce super low-energy servers that could reduce company energy bills by up to 89 percent. The slimming down of the server world, one chip at a time, has been called “Project Moonshot.”

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As our digital world spreads, data centers that power the internet are growing quickly and companies are running out of room and money. Project Moonshot proposes to find an alternative that will not only decrease company storage space by 94 percent, but reduce energy costs by an estimated 63 percent.

Energy saving microchips can already be found in smartphones, iPads, and tablets. HP’s project plans to develop this technology into bigger, faster models that will power giant companies while maximizing space and energy use. HP predicts the prototype test models will be available within the first half of next year, but do not have any news on a production version just yet. If HP succeeds, they may finally bump Intel out of the lead, who currently produces 80 percent of the world’s personal computer and server chips.

+ Hewlett Packard

via Huffington Post