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To persuade people who maybe haven’t been photographed before into taking all their possessions outside (and pose!) wasn’t an easy job. Qingjun had to explain the project, show each family pictures, sometimes pay them or convince them it was a good opportunity for some “spring cleaning”. Judging by these photographs, these isolated families that own much less than us are letting technology and modernization slowly creep into their lives (just like in the big cities.)

The picture of an elderly couple standing with their possessions outside their mud house reveals a satellite dish, a DVD player and a phone. Another picture shows a couple whose house, like millions of others, had been slated for demolition to make way for tower blocks or offices.

Qingjun says he would like to continue with the project and take photographs of the same people in a few years time in order to demonstrate how people live and what they buy into.

+ Huang Qingjun

Photo © Huang Qingjun

Via Empundit and the BBC