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The Volcano House was originally built back in 1968, and designed by architect Harold J. Bissner Jr. Measuring 1,800 square feet, the main house has two bedrooms and two baths and open entertaining areas. The guest house has one bedroom and its own private lake. A central fireplace provides a focal point for the abode, and a sunken conversation pit gives away its mod-arch, 1960s roots. A fully-equipped kitchen sits to one side of the space and is constructed to feature classic wood cabinetry.

The house is sited near Interstate 15 (near Barstow) and the surrounding area offers quirky attractions, including the Buffalo Ranch, Big Al’s Pistachio Ranch, the Ostrich Farm and the Bagdad Café.

If you want to learn more about this home’s bizarre past, head over to Vegas Seven for more details — including which famous celebrity guests have visited the summit.

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