Inhabitat readers huffprojects recently wrote in to tell us about this green office complex they designed for their clients R. B. Murray and Co. Here at Inhabitat we have been referring to this beautiful building as the Butterfly House because it features a distinguished butterfly roof that opens to allow a maximum amount of daylight into the building’s open offices, executive core, and conference rooms. This roof has greatly reduced the need for artificial lighting during the day. As for the other green aspects of this project they intend to use natural, recycled and reclaimed materials, and the building’s design features natural ventilation, air filtration, and abundant views of the landscape. Such features have the added benefit of improving the quality of the work environment and employee productivity.

The building will exhibit a warm aesthetic that is pleasing to both occupants and those passing by. The new R.B. Murray Company office building signifies the company’s forward thinking commitment to creating an architecturally progressive and environmentally conscious future.


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