Henning Larsen Architects take the ugly grind out of industry with this handsome solar panel factory in Greece. Commissioned for Kilkis, an industrial area north of Thessaloniki, the factory’s dual purpose as a production facility and office space required a comfortable, practical, and sustainable design. Like other Henning Larsen projects, such as the Campus Roskilde and EnergyFlex house, the 100,000 square meter facility rises to the challenge by marrying passive design and modern technology to create a factory that is almost entirely self-sufficient.

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Photovoltaic panels installed on the roof double as sun protection and energy generators, while solar gain is maximized by the building’s south-facing orientation. These PVs generate the majority of the factory’s required energy.

The construction materials and coloring selected to mitigate energy loss also improve the building’s aesthetic appeal. Unlike some factories that are dull and mechanized, the solar panel production and administrative areas are bright and welcoming thanks to a series of large daylights that let in plenty of natural lighting.

With its winning combination of large side windows, tall ceilings, and stacked appearance, Henning Larsen’s latest industrial facility is both stunning and sustainable.

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