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Taking the name from plume, Plumen is showing off its own uniquely beautiful designs that also happen to use 80 percent less energy than traditional incandescent light bulbs. What makes this company successful is its understanding that if something is as vital to modern living as the light bulb is, then it should be given the design attention it deserves. The use of various shaped bulbs and lighting options mean that each person can buy the bulb that best fits their design aesthetic, and in turn the bulb creates a new niche market for a necessity that has been long over-looked and underdone.

Last weekend the London-based company celebrated the lunch of the 110V bulb setting up shop at the Sight Unseen popup shop in the Designer District in NYC, where many bulbs were on display and a few were available for purchasing. In order to also create a bit more buzz there are limited supplies at Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and The Future Perfect, both located in NYC. But if you can’t get to NYC before all the bulbs are purchased you can pre-order the contorted miniature works of art at the Plumen on-line store that will be shipping starting June 1st.

While the price may shock some, the 110V bulbs are nearly $30, the fact is the Plumen’s light bulb last almost 8 times longer than conventional bulbs, add that to the creative design techniques and the Plumen 001 bulbs are worth every penny.

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