Nothing is more disappointing for a nature photographer than finding piles of pollution while searching for inspiring new shots. Jeremy Underwoods turned his disappointment into a thought-provoking art project by gathering up some of the trash and other detritus he discovered while exploring Houston. He then assembled and photographed a series of land art sculptures, which he presents in series entitled Human Debris.

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“Human Debris is a commentary on what humans leave in the natural landscape,” Underwoods explains in his design brief. All of the materials for his sculptures were collected locally, from Houston’s polluted waterways.

“Each found material lends itself to a new creation, encompassing the former life of the debris into each sculpture.”

After completing his photo series, Underwoods left the sculptures behind to be discovered by others. The series offers a powerful critique of what the artist calls “the perversion of pollution.” Hopefully a few who see it will be inspired to mind what they leave behind.

+ Jeremy Underwoods

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