HUMAN is a new breed of vending machine that dispenses local fruits and homemade health foods so that people have access to nutritious snacks even when they’re on the go. In addition to helping us take better care of our bodies, the machine was designed to be both energy-efficient and low-maintenance.

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Invented by Sean Kelly, HUMAN Healthy Vending follows the mantra, “Helping Unite Man and Nutrition.” The eco-conscious company is on a mission to combat childhood obesity by having a healthy presence where vending machines commonly are located – schools, community centers and gyms. Clad with bright cartoony graphics, the machines are kid friendly, while providing an array of healthy snacks, food and drinks, giving kids a chance to eat better.

The low energy machines display nutritional information on LCD screens, giving education as items are purchased.  They also have streaming videos that consumers can watch, as well as a cashless payment options. The machine itself was built to consume 30% less power than regular machines, benefiting the planet as much as our health.

The machines are packed with goodies like coconut water, homemade granola, low fat organic potato chip substitutes like Pop Chips and Pita chips, healthy nutrition bars, and Back to Nature snacks. Kelly is working with local farmers as well to include fresh fruits and sustainable, organic prepared snacks.  They also make organic coffee vending and organic frozen food and hot vending options. The healthy vending machines give kids an option for better snack foods when fresh foods may not be available – after school, at dance class, or at sports practice.

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